About Us

MyPA is your personal consultant based out of Kolkata & Bangalore helping Salaried Individuals & Businesses avoid critical Income Tax issues by preventing them to occur. Our dynamic way of working results in sorting everything under one window. Be it Income Tax/GST/TDS or Corporate Compliances under RBI/FEMA/SEBI or Legal; our team of experts, supported by standard operating processes ensures that you are provided with the best of the services and commitment to foster preventive controls so that you don’t end up paying huge penalties, interests and fines!

Our experts also help you with your financials during loans, redesign cash flows and manage taxes so that you save the most. Our team includes core members and associates including CA, CS, CWA, Lawyers, Tax Practitioners, etc. to help you deal with all the problems that needs to be taken care of including preventing the new ones. Our areas of services include:

  • Income Tax, TDS - Filings, Assessments & Representations
  • GST - Filings, Assessments & Representations
  • Book-keeping, Accounting & Internal Review Reports
  • Corporate Compliances under RoC/RBI/FEMA/SEBI
  • Tax Management, Investment Advisory & Wealth Management
  • International Tax Consultations, Research & Transfer pricing
  • Labour law compliances & Payroll Management
  • Legal drafting, Arbitrations & Representations
  • Impact Studies, Research Reports and Opinion Draftings
  • Representations Services (Revenue Authorities)
  • Control & Risk Assessment assignments